Bookish by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics



Bookish encapsulates the delightful moments of drinking a hot cup of tea, reading a good book, and curling up in a cozy quilt. This collection tells a tale of classic romance and modern whimsy in dusty-colored book covers of rose, burgundy, teal, peach, and gold.

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AGF Cuts

1 yard (36"X44-45), 3/4 yard (27"x44-45), 1/2 yard (18"X44-45), 1/4 yard (9"x44-45), Fat Quarter (18"x22")

agf bookish

Argyle Jumper, Between the lines, Camomile Bliss Fresh, Camomile Bliss Prose, Favorite Sweater, Flights of fancy gilded, Flights of Fancy Vellum, Mark my words, Open Book, Page Turner, Passport, Readers Chapter, Readers Story, Romance Novel Hardcover, Romance Novel Paperback, Wildest Dreams

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